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Luxury Silky Satin Pillowcase

Luxury Silky Satin Pillowcase

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     No Bonnet? No problem. The satin pillowcase absorbs less moisture from hair and prevents hair from breakage, tangle, and loss by reducing hair constantly rub against a pillow. Also, you will end up with sleep wrinkles on your face due to soft and smooth texture. Besides, pillowcases are treated with anti-static so that they won't absorb dust and cause static cling hair problems.


     Anti Loose Thread & Classic Elegant Color & Envelope Closure. Highly demanding sewing stitch reduces loose thread, for a snug pillow fit and adds a sophisticated touch to your bedroom. Envelope closure end design gives the elegant appearance and won't scratch fabric or feel strange things like zipper does.


     100% Premium Polyester Microfiber. (SATIN IS NOT A FABRIC. Satin is a  type of weave that create the sheen (or shine) that you see when you look at it. This weave technique can be used on polyester to create smoother surface to the touch thereby creating less friction on the hair as you sleep and move. Satin woven polyester provides the best environment for sleeping without an affordable price.
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