How to get 360 waves

How to get 360 waves

How to get 360 waves

There are a plethora of things you see guys on youtube and instagram do to achieve the holy grail that is 360 degree waves. You’ve seen plastic bags, blow dryers and 70 layers of thick unhealthy products applied. Some of these methods work however the large majority are not necessary to get you to where you wanna be. The are 3 essential keys to developing 360 waves that are the building blocks to every sensible waver routine.


Brushing is the most important thing you can do to achieve 360 waves.

When you brush, you pull each and every hair follicle to its maximum length which then allows the hair follicle to expose its natural curl pattern that is given to you by your genetics.This is why some people have big curls and big waves or small tight curls and small waves. 

To achieve the full 360 waves look you must brush your hair consistently to train your hair to lay and look a certain way. You must after a fresh haircut and when your hair is in huge need of a haircut. In the beginning of your wave journey there is no short cut around this.

Some of our Rich Royals wavers have admitted that while brushing is important, that how you brushing is essential as well. Having the right angles determine if your 360s actually connect like true 360 waves, or they have cool slant and form like 540 waves or if they even connect at all.


While it is second to brushing, the products you use can make or break your journey to 360 waves.  

The right product can speed up your journey to 360 waves or it can unhealthy smother your hair causing dandruff or thinner spots. The right product will give your hair an amazing ability to lay down, give your hair awesome shine and most importantly contribute to your hair health!

The Royal Wave Pomade is developed to do just that. It is not as thick as some of the other products on store shelves so it does not smother your hair yet it is readily absorbed by your hair without feely extra greasy and thick.

It is also filled with ingredients that promote healthy hair like peppermint oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

And lastly, The Royal Wave Pomade Provides Shine… 

Do we need to say more?


The durag is the third pillar of the 360 wave regimen. The durag is like a memory card that allows you to save the progress that you have made with the brushing and products. If you spend the proper time brushing and use the right products but then lay your raw head on a couch or a pillow, two things happen. 

Your hair gets moved out of place and tangled which reverses some of the effects of brushing and the pillow/couch/bed absorbs the product and moisture out of your hair leaving your hair dry. This is why the durag is necessary.

Lastly, The durag literally lays your hair down and trains it to stay down. Having your hair lay down allows your hair to look neater when you need a haircut and allows your waves to look neater and more uniform. 

What happens is that as your head grows out of your scalp it gets used to growing a certain way. By wearing a durag you are training your hair to grow alongside your scalp which makes for more manageable hair and neater waves.

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