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Rich Royals Luxuries was founded by Jibril Ash-Shakoor (widely recognized as King Bril)  a college student and personal trainer who wanted to help his female clients maintain clean and moisturized hair despite their frequent sweating and washing. To gain more understanding of his clients' problems, he began his own hair journey while conducting extensive research on regimens, recipes and rituals for kinky and curly hair.  In the beginning, he struggled to attain any results that resembled that of properly managed hair. Yet and still, his confidence never wavered and through his constant perseverance he has learned an incredible amount about all the things that allow hair to flourish.The result of his struggles, efforts and studies is the Rich Royals Luxuries brand that delivers natural rich and effective products for those embracing their natural hair.


A Word From Our Owner:

"Our hair is just as much a part of our body as our muscles and bones.  Your entire body is one unit so you can't neglect one aspect of self care and expect to experience your maximal potential in another aspect. I believe in proper maintenance, attention and self care. Your hair is bigger than just "your hair", but it is a reflection of your self value. Most people pay attention to the things that they care about. Those same people usually only care for things that they value. So if you're not properly tending and caring for your body (or something that covers a good portion of your body) then you're lacking self value.  However, practicing self care rituals like deep conditioning, drinking water, moisturizing and even working out will not only affect your self perceived value but will set a standard of respect from people who interact with you. "


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